single patty

#1. Single Patty Frybread Burger

One juicy beef patty wrapped in our signature mouth watering Golden Brown Frybread!



double patty patty

#2. Double Patty Frybread burger

Two juicy beef patties wrapped in our signature mouth watering Golden Brown Frybread!



Add a regular 21 oz. soft drink for only .99¢

Add Cheese for only .25¢







We keep our menu simple and we wrap everything in our signature Golden Brown Frybread. In the near future we will be adding Hot Dogs, SPAM and other yummy food to the menu. So, keep coming back and tell all your friends about us!





As you might have noticed we don’t have a brick and mortar restaurant. Someday maybe, but right now we’re mobile and that means we can keep our prices low! This summer we’ll be at a variety of events so be sure to keep an eye out for us. But don’t worry we’ll always post where we’ll be headed to before we go there so you can meet us!


Right now, though, we’re based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico and we’re grilling up our signature Golden Brown Frybread Burgers! If you’re in a 2 mile radius of wherever we’re at we’ll deliver to you for free (just be nice and tip the driver)!


We’re getting all the ingredients together and we’re not officially open for business yet so please visit us again real soon because we’ll be ready to go any day now!




Our Story

As a young kid the founder of Frybread Burgers dreamed of the summer afternoons when his father would fire up the grill and make fresh hand pounded hamburger patties while his mother would dip the white dough into the boiling grease on the wok until a golden brown fried bread would arise, lifted by a two prong long-fork. The first bread would be torn apart immediately by anyone lucky enough to be near the table. But it was only when his father placed the flame cooked burger on the golden bread that the frybread burger was born – only to be consumed, savored and revered in legendary status for years to come.

Decades later he would take his parents original creation and share it with the world – Frybread Burgers would feed the masses. Always the jokster he said that if you eat his Frybread Burgers you would “Get Fat With A Smile” and that motto stuck to this day!

We invite you guys to join us anytime and get fat with a smile at Frybread Burgers!


You have probably heard of the story of Cortez and the Lost Cities of Gold from history class, right? What if Cortez mistook what he saw as cities of gold when in actuality he really saw large stacks of Golden Brown Frybread?